Perfect Personalised Jewellery

Finding and designing jewellery that is both unique and personal to you can be challenging. With an increasing number of Jeweller’s mass producing their stock, makes it easy to follow trends and settle for common designs. However, here at Polished Diamonds - Jewellery Design you can be guaranteed something unique, personal and incomparable at a better price than the mass produced clones.

We value our customers input and ideas when designing their wedding and engagement rings. It allows for personalisation and ensures that each ring tells a different story. Often customers have an existing idea of the final product and provide us with an initial design, whilst others rely on our expertise to guide them in the designing process. Once the ring has been designed in our architectural computer aided design software (CAD), a 3D wax print is created taking the ring from a virtual image to a realistic replica. Using CAD, accuracy and precision is ensured as it minimizes the risk of human error. The ring is then produced based off the CAD specifications. Pictured below is one of the many examples of how we incorporate a customer’s ideas and turn them into reality. Our client provided a sketched design of a Harry Potter styled ring and within ten days, the ring was created in perfect accuracy.



Incorporating one’s initials into an engagement ring or set, is another way to ensure your rings are one of a kind. Pictured below is an example of an engagement ring we designed here at Polished Diamonds Jewellery Design that includes the letter from the first name of both the husband (K) and wife (S), either side of a love heart. This subtle addition to the ring, whilst not necessarily obvious to everyone, gives it that extra special aspect that a mass produced ring will not have.


Pictured below is another example of a personalised ring. The floral design located on either side of the diamond was a replication of the customer’s watch design.  Be incorporating this detail into the diamond engagement ring we were able to accessorise and form a matching set.  Pairing the ring and watch together was a customer’s idea with the end result looking subtle and yet simply stunning.


Whilst these ideas may not appeal to everyone, please contact us to discuss any enquires you may have or to start designing your personalised engagement ring or set. We have a large range of existing designs you can choose from, alternatively, if you have a design in mind we would love to help create that for you. Our quality assurances include a lifetime guarantee, GIA certified diamonds which are laser engraved, CAD design and 3d print for accuracy and our price point is fair and hard to beat. Do contact us for information and a friendly chat.