Wedding Traditions...

Traditions are a huge part of a couple’s wedding day. Whether it be ‘something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue’ or simply the bride wearing a white wedding dress, there is a reason behind everything.

With some traditions being obvious and others more understated, most brides and grooms will incorporate some into their big day whether they choose to or not. Wedding traditions vary depending on the culture of the respective couple however, there are some common themes that are present at most weddings. These include but are not limited to; The bride wearing a white gown, wearing wedding rings on the fourth finger on left hand, the bride throwing her bouquet, guests throwing rice after the ceremony and the infamous kiss.


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue are the four items associated with good luck that a bride should carry with her on her wedding day. It was also thought that these items guarantee fertility and prosperity for the newly wed couple. Something old is traditionally something that the bride’s mother wore on her wedding day for example, earrings or a necklace. Something new is traditionally a gift that the bride receives from her husband prior to the day. Something borrowed symbolizes those around you and those present on the day offering their love and support. Lastly, something blue often features subtly in the wedding dress or in the bouquet.                        

Wedding rings have always been worn on the second to last finger on one’s left hand. The reason for this is because of the “vena amoris” vein. It is thought to be the only vein in the hand that runs directly to the heart thus, more commonly known as the vein of love.


Guests are often gifted rice to throw at the newly wed couple when they walk down the aisle as husband and wife. This tradition originated in the Roman times whereby guests originally threw wheat at the bride and groom. The throwing of rice is thought to symbolize prosperity, good fortune and fertility raining down on the couple. It is a common tradition that many brides and grooms incorporate into their wedding day.

Another tradition and probably the most well-known is for first time brides to wear a white wedding gown which is a symbol of purity. It is more common for those that are remarrying to wear a coloured or off-white dress. Ironically, a similar tradition is non-existent for men, with most men choosing to wear a dark coloured suit for their wedding day.

Although not all couples choose to adhere to these traditions many still do, hence they are still very much a part of weddings today. Here at Polished Diamonds Jewellery Design we want to make sure that your wedding and engagement rings are all that you wish for to complement your special day and last a life time. Which is why each ring we create is totally unique and personalised. If you would like to start designing your perfect ring or browse our range, please contact us to start designing – we’d love to hear from you.