The Perfect Bouquet...

Flower bouquets are a unique addition to any wedding. Many people are under the impression that brides carry a bouquet simply for aesthetic purposes however, there are far more sentimental reasons than just ‘the look’.

The exact history of how the wedding bouquet trend began is uncertain however, it is one that has most definitely stood the test of time. A bride carrying flowers dates back to Ancient Rome, where brides wore flower garlands in their hair as a symbol of new beginnings, hope and fertility. Strong scented spices and herbs were sprinkled over the flowers in an attempt to ward off any evil and bad luck for the newly wed couple. The herb myrtle was particularly popular as it was a symbol of lust and used as a primary ingredient for the food served at the reception. It was not until the Victorian era when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, that the trend shifted from flower garlands to the carrying of bouquets. It was from that point on that brides carried a bouquet when walking down the aisle and they were incorporated into the decoration of the venue.


Flowers are a central aspect to wedding ceremonies because of their romantic associations and different flowers are thought to convey different meanings. Peonies are a reflection of wanting a long and happy marriage, a white camellia is used to express adoration and a ranunculus is used to surprise and spark intrigue for your partner. The flowers that are carefully selected by the bride become ‘her flowers’ for the rest of her life. A more recent idea that is currently trending is having your wedding bouquet made of fake flowers. Either paper flowers or plastic flowers are created and incorporated into a design, with the idea that the bride can keep them forever as memorabilia.

When selecting the perfect bouquet, a bride is inundated with options from shape, type, colour and size. In recent times little regard is given for the meaning behind a flower, as brides select their bouquets based on colour, fragrance and shape. Wedding bouquet shapes include nosegay, posy, presentation, pomander and cascading. Typically, once the wedding has concluded the bride will toss her bouquet over her shoulder. The lucky person who catches the bouquet is thought to be the next in line to get married.


A bouquet is the perfect accessory for a bride and her bridesmaids and greatly enhances the overall visual appearance of the special day. A bouquet is a reflection of her personal style and the bride’s personality and more often than not complements her choice of gown. If you’re planning a wedding and need help designing a perfect engagement ring or wedding set to last a lifetime, please contact us here at Polished Diamonds Jewellery Design – we’d love to help!